Austria suspects a new strain of Covid-19 virus has broken out in the United Kingdom at a ski resort

Austria has identified a new cluster of COVID-19 cases in Jochberg, suspected of being the new variant of the coronavirus from the United Kingdom.

Authorities said most of the new cases in Tyrol are of British citizens on a ski instructor training course.

The authorities added that all session participants arrived in Tirol by December 18 “by land and by air”, before Austria banned visitors from the United Kingdom.

The Tyrolean authorities said in a statement, “There is concrete suspicion of the British virus strain in 17 tests,” with final test results expected within a week.

The first symptoms of coronavirus were recognized on January 3, and no one in the group participated in friction skating lessons. All 17 people also stay at the same place.

Austria imposed a travel ban on flights from the United Kingdom on December 22 after British scientists discovered a new strain of coronavirus, B117, which is said to be more contagious.

Four cases of the new variant have so far been found in Austria, plus one case of another variant that originated in South Africa.

Regional Health Council member Bernard Tielj said, “Even if this is an initial suspicion at the moment … we still want to play it safe and not waste time.”

Citizens in Löschberg, in the Kitzbühel region, are invited to conduct immediate tests to detect the Corona virus after the mass is discovered.

“In combating the spread of this highly contagious virus, we can only work together and with all necessary speed,” added Rudolf Anschober, Federal Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

But many citizens expressed their anger on social media at allowing a training course for ski instructors during the third national lockdown, which was imposed on December 26.

For months, we were closing schools, reducing communications to a minimum, and depriving young people of their social space. Why? This is how ski instructors from the United Kingdom wrote to ski in Tyrol and spread the viral boom, ”said Paul Stich, president of the Socialist Youth Organization Austria.

The opposition Social Democratic Party added: “This is what happens when the cable car lobby rules, not logic.”

Austria extended its COVID-19 restrictions until January 24, after the government abandoned plans to allow stores, restaurants and other facilities to open their doors to citizens who could prove they have not tested positive for the coronavirus.

But the country too It reopened its slopes on Christmas Eve, Although hotels remain closed to tourists and can only be used on business trips. Neighboring countries Germany and Italy have called on ski resorts across Europe to close during the winter holiday season.

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