Ausounds is peeling the covers off on three new wearable audio devices at CES 2021

Ausounds makes the leap to CES 2021 with no fewer than three wearable audio devices to consider. It includes at least one new product across three different categories. Including a new pair of sunglasses that functions as a bluetooth listening device.

AU-Frequency ANC is the in-ear sound of Ausounds

the first Ausounds The wearable product discussed in conjunction with CES 2021 was launched late last year. They are Ausounds’ AU-Frequency ANC. The in-ear wireless headphones cancel external sound down to 22 dB and ship with a respectable frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz. For reference, this is the average hearing range of human ears.

The dynamic PEEK + PU drivers are also used here. So the sound quality of these headphones has to be top notch. Especially considering its relatively low cost.

By stacking on top of that, Ausounds claims a battery life of around 20 hours for these active Bluetooth 5.0 noise canceling buds. This is the testament to a full charge of 1 hour and fifteen minutes, including the carrying case. The earbuds themselves last about 5 hours on a single charge, without the case. A total of 2 hours are needed to charge all subsequent charges, once everything runs out.

Although not the best battery life on the market, it is better than average. But where Ausounds shifts away from the average, it includes features like AI Voice Assistant and AI Call Voice Reduction.

AU-XT ANC is based on Ausounds’ lineup of over-ear wearable devices

02 wearable devices CES 2021 AU XT down the front bottom

Details on Ausounds remaining new products at CES 2021 are scanty but interesting, starting with the new AU-XT ANC wearable over-the-ear. The over-ear headphones operate via Bluetooth from a source up to 32 feet. It lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge with an ANC depth of 28 dB.

Under the sleek, comfortable-looking aesthetic, the Ausounds AU-XT got even better. This is because Ausounds cemented this entry in the CES 2021 wearable lineup with a 40mm graphene engine. This should equalize the powerful sound across the range of frequencies audible to the human ear. So music, podcasts, movies, or any other sounds the wearer may listen to will look great.

Ausounds pooled its wearable acoustic expertise into sunglasses with AU-Lens

Finally, with technical specifications continuing to be finalized as of this writing, Ausounds is launching a new pair of sunglasses-style wearable audio devices at CES 2021. The new device called AU-Lens is designed to look like any other pair of sunglasses. But with sound enabled in the arms.

These are displayed in two modes, black and brown as in the image above. As these photos show, it won’t necessarily sound like an audio device. And that’s kind of the point. These listening oriented sunglasses are meant to look like a trendy accessory. And they do. So buyers can look good without being overburdened by headphones or headphones. Or it conflicts with their appearance.

More details on AU-Lens will undoubtedly become available as the launch approaches.

Pricing and availability

In terms of pricing and availability, only AU-Frequency and AU-XT have a price at the moment. Only AU frequency is available for purchase now. These start at $ 129.95 while their incoming counterparts start at $ 199.95. AU-XT ANC will be launched – provisionally – on January 12th.

For those who care more about audio accessories that also function as sunglasses, AU-Lens is a little further. Ausounds indicates they have a tentative launch for an indefinite date in February. Prices for the wearable have not yet been set. But similar accessories sell for over $ 199 and run to around $ 300. So a similar price range should be expected.

AU- ANC frequency

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