at the closed border with the United States, the plight of American patients

The United States is stepping up vaccines. There will be something for all adults “in late May,” promises Joe Biden, who first mentioned a late July deadline. Can the border with Canada be reopened soon? It has been closed for a year, with sometimes disastrous consequences for Americans, as in the town of Hemmingford, near the border.

Catherine, owns a pharmacy located near the United States. He has lost count of the tragedies since the border was closed. “This is a patient who is married to an American, hospitalized in a hospice on the American side. Her husband was dying in the United States, and she was here on this side of the border just 20 minutes away, and not I could go see him. He died. It was really sad, “he said.

Before the borders were closed, Americans could travel for hours and buy much cheaper medicine on the Canadian side. “An insulin costs 700 dollars a month. We sell it here for 115 Canadian dollars,” explains the pharmacist. “These patients barely eat because they cannot afford to inject insulin in the United States.”

Travis, who is diabetic, has traveled back and forth between Minnesota and Canada dozens of times to buy his insulin. But since the start of the pandemic, he says Canadian customs officials no longer let him through. So, to make the drug that they are now buying at a high price in his country last, he endangers his body.

“When I can’t afford a new one, I cut my insulin doses in half,” he explains. “But in this case, I am at risk of losing a limb or my eyesight. Lately, I’ve had a lot of trouble moving my fingers properly.” He also hopes the pandemic will stop so he can go back to living like before.

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