ASUS ‘ROG Claymore II is the gaming keyboard for Numpad Diehards

Today at CES 2021, ASUS officially announced a wide range of different gaming products under its ROG branding, one of which is the Claymore II mechanical gaming keyboard.

Like most other gaming keyboard options, ROG Claymore II features RGB-backlit and uses mechanical switches. Contrary to those options, the Claymore II has a slightly transformative design. This makes it a great choice for Numpad professionals. Specifically those who are open to ditching the digital board but find it difficult to let go.

That’s because the Claymore II has a number pad that is detachable from the main unit. Which means, you can easily remove and reposition it at your spare time. It gives you the kind of freedom that comes from not having to rely on this extra set of buttons.

And since the digital panel is detachable, it gives you a little extra space on your desk. Which is usually very important when playing games thanks to all the movements of the mouse’s wrist. It comes with a magnetic wrist rest, too.

ROG Claymore II is a full-sized gaming keyboard and a keyless option

For PC gamers who choose a desktop setup, one of the biggest mysteries is choosing the keyboard.

Are you using a full-size keyboard that takes more space but also gives you more keys to customize things for? Or do you merge things, save some space, and go with a switchless option? ASUS doesn’t let you choose with the Claymore II.

Within seconds, it changes from full-size model to keyless model. Maybe you work from home and use the same keyboard for gaming and work. And for work, you might find the numpad very useful. But it is not useful enough to use while playing.

This solves that problem. Even if it’s not something that many players face. The point is that with Claymore II you have options all in one unit.

Utilizes the ASUS ROG RX Blue optical mechanical keyboard

This is a first for ASUS. According to the company, the Claymore II is the first device to use ROG RX Blue’s internal optical mechanical switches.

Which ASUS says gives the keys a “near-zero correction delay” for instant key activation. It also has the ability to go wired or wirelessly. Because it uses a 2.4GHz dongle and USB Type-C for desktop enabled connections.

In wireless mode, the keyboard has a 4000mAh battery capacity that should last up to 40 hours before you need to plug it in. Like the ROG Swift screen announced today, the Claymore II will launch in the second quarter of this year in the US and has no confirmed price yet.

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