AstraZeneca vaccine reserved for those over 60 years of age

The AstraZeneca vaccine continues to get people talking. Following reports confirming a link to rare cases of blood clots, Spain announced Wednesday that it is reserving it for those over 60. “We will continue to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine, but starting at age 60”Announced the Spanish Minister of Health, Caroline Darias, during a press conference.

This Spanish decision has been taken “following the conclusions reached today by the EMA,” explained the Minister of Health. In fact, a few hours earlier, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) proposed listing the risk of blood clots as a rare side effect Anglo-Swedish vaccine. Other European countries have already taken similar measures. France reserves the vaccine for people over 55, and Italy, Germany and the Netherlands for those over 60.

Spain expanded on March 30 the target populations of this vaccine beyond the age group 55-65 for essential workers: health personnel, law enforcement agencies or teachers. The Spanish government plans to vaccinate 70% of the population at the end of August. To date, the country has vaccinated just over 6.2% (2.9 million) of its 47 million inhabitants.

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