As Donald Trump ignores the worsening coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden is calling for an urgent response

The ongoing power struggle between two men with very different philosophies of how the United States deals with the virus has left the nation without a rudder at this critical moment – which Trump has forced into a governance crisis as he refuses to allow the transition to Biden’s presidency to pass. Transfer of knowledge that may be crucial to slow the spread of the virus next year.

Last week, some Republicans in Congress seemed to have finally noticed how the President’s blockade was threatening national security – such as Republican Senators James Lankford of Oklahoma, and Chuck Grassley of Iowa. A Senate majority whip John Thun of South Dakota, among others, Has stepped up To say that the president-elect should start receiving intelligence briefings as is usual during the transition of power.
But there is no indication that senior Republican Party leaders are applying the same reasoning to the deadly increase in cases of coronavirus infection, even though the number of patients in US hospitals reached the highest levels of the epidemic ever last week, according to data from Covid Tracking Project. As of Saturday, more than 69,000 Americans have been hospitalized, according to the organization’s tally.

The president still adheres to the same laissez-faire approach that led many voters to reject his leadership on Election Day, imprecisely indicating that the increase in cases is the result of increased testing as he tries to focus the public’s attention on his administration’s efforts to achieve a vaccine acceleration through Operation Warp Speed.

The president spent most of his Saturdays golfing and tweeting Basically unfounded conspiracy theories and rebuttal about how the elections were rigged, leading a crowd of his supporters who gathered in Washington to me Protest the election results on the basis of his lies and propaganda.

He barely spoke about the virus on Twitter on Saturday, tweeting: “Congress must now implement the Covid Relief Bill. It needs Democrats’ support. Make it big and focused. Get it done!”

Amid this leadership vacuum, many doctors and top medical experts are preparing for more breaks, indicating that Americans have simply let their guards down and surrender to the desire to return to normal life. The president undoubtedly played a role in those situations as the administration abandoned the coronavirus task force briefings months ago and tried to win his re-election by promoting the lie that the United States was “approaching the corner.”

Given the complexities of rapidly distributing vaccines and the potential for catastrophic consequences if doctors, hospitals, and first responders do not have what they need to deal with the current spike in Covid-19 cases, Democrats – and even some Republicans from past administrations – are raising the alarm about the need for more communication between previous departments. And the next in this critical moment of the national crisis.

“We have a president who went without permission,” said Leon Panetta, who served as the White House chief of staff under former President Bill Clinton and the director of the CIA and Defense Secretary under former President Barack Obama. “Without interruption from the elections and their results, without interruption from Covid-19 and their impact, without interruption from the transition period and frankly without interruption from the presidency.”

“It created a dangerous moment here,” Panetta told CNN Wolf Blitzer Saturday night in the “Situation Room”.

Lack of communication raises concerns about the virus response

Trump is prohibiting any meaningful sharing of coronavirus information – beginning with the refusal of the person he appointed to the General Services Administration Check the electionsIt is the first step that will allow transition funds to flow and simplify background checks for new employees.
This is compulsory Biden team to get speed Regarding the response to the epidemic by communicating with governors, members of the private sector and the medical community as they try to formulate a response plan for the Corona virus in the country for the next year.
Meanwhile, Biden is publicly showing calm about the governance crisis – permitting electoral challenges for the Trump campaign They make their way through the courts, wherever they are He mustered a growing streak of defeats – I called for “urgent action” Friday by the Trump administration, including recognition of just how dangerous the current situation of Covid-19 is.
While Trump refuses to compromise, his agencies are embarrassingly promising what they can for a Biden move

Biden said, “This crisis requires a strong and immediate federal response, which is unfortunately lacking. I am the elected president, but I will not be president until next year,” stressing his limited position. “The crisis does not respect the dates on the calendar, it is accelerating at the moment … Now is a moment for shared responsibility and joint action. Together, we have the strength to curb this virus. I promise you, from the moment I take the oath on January 20, I will do everything in my power to lead This unified national effort. “

Advisors to the president-elect have been increasingly talking of their concerns about a lack of information sharing between current and future administrations.

“This is a real threat to national security,” said Dr. Celine Gunder, an infectious disease specialist, epidemiologist and board member of Biden’s transition to COVID-19, on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Friday evening. “I can’t even imagine another situation – if we were in the midst of a war – the information and plans would not be handed over to a new president.”

While the United States broke another set of Corona virus records Friday evening, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Co-Chair of the Transitional Advisory Board for Coronavirus Biden“It was a bleak day for the country,” he told Pletser.

“We are now in a phase, even before Thanksgiving, where we are above any level we have seen over the past eight months,” Murthy, a former general surgeon under President Barack Obama, said in the “operating room”. “What we will do over the next few weeks will have a profound effect on whether this spread is increasing or whether we will ultimately control the spread of this virus.”

Local leaders are considering stronger measures to curb the virus

In the absence of a robust federal response, local leaders are again considering more dramatic measures to control the spread, which could lead to major economic and logistical disruptions.

The test-positive rate of 2.4% in New York City is now close enough to the 3% threshold that could lead the city to close schools and move students to distance learning, which is the likelihood that he’s the governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo discussed during a call with reporters on Saturday where he added that some schools may be able to “test” the closures if they have a much lower positive rate than the surrounding area.

A resurgence in Oregon, where cases topped more than 1,000 a day for the third day in a row on Saturday, a governor led. Kate Brown will announce a “two-week freeze” on Friday that will limit social gatherings to six people and two families, close restaurants and bars and impose new restrictions on the number of people who can gather within religious organizations. The freeze will run from November 18 to December 2.

“I know it’s difficult and I know everyone is overwhelmed, but we are trying to prevent the spread of this fierce virus,” Brown said.

In Los Angeles, where cases rose from about 1,000 a day three weeks ago to nearly 4,000 on Saturday, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti, officials set up the largest testing center in America at Dodger Stadium – and pushed about 8,000 people through the system. The test is one day last week.

On Saturday, Navajo Nation ordered a new three-week lockdown at home, restricting travel and allowing residents only to leave their homes for emergencies or to buy groceries, medicine and firewood.

“We are getting closer and closer to a major public health crisis in which we can see our hospitals full of sick people,” Navajo Nation president Jonathan Nese said in a statement. “Our Navajo Nation healthcare system cannot handle a long-term increase in Covid-19 cases. The safest place is home.”

Elizabeth Joseph, Shanna Jones, Jane Silva, Konstantin Turpin, and Paul Verkamen of CNN contributed to this report.

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