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New York (CBS New York) – over there Corona Virus Hospital crisis in several states, including Wisconsin, where more than 90% of intensive care unit beds are filled.

However, there is a somewhat different situation in New York. Tony Aiello of CBS 2 reported Monday that positive cases are increasing, but hospitalizations are so far fewer than in April.

April was the worst month for the epidemic in New York hospitals.

“We have a lot of people in the corridors and they are all positive for COVID,” said a doctor on Mount Sinai at the time.

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At the peak on April 12th Nearly 19,000 people have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus in New York State And officials were concerned the number would explode further.

“We expected the summit to have 110,000 hospital beds,” governor. Andrew Como He said.

Fortunately, New York has never come close to needing extra beds in makeshift hospitals that were never used like White Plains Hospital.


On Sunday, only 1,968 coronavirus patients were hospitalized in the state, down 89% from April.

Hospitals are not overcrowded, but they are on standby.

“I am very anxious at this moment. The method is increasing, I am very anxious,” said Dr. Rajanish Pobdi of St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers.

Pobdy said Covid-19 The number of cases in his hospital.

On October 31, 124 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus in the Mid-Hudson area. Last Friday, that number doubled to 281.

However, this is much lower than the peak in April, when nearly 1,900 people were hospitalized in the northern suburbs region.

“Now the curve is going up, so you don’t know what numbers we’ll get soon. Because the numbers are increasing everywhere in the country,” Bobdi said.

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Since April, medical teams have become more efficient in treating COVID-19. As a result, death rates have decreased dramatically.

“Although we don’t have a lot of new drugs, we do have some new ones.” Westchester County Health Commissioner, Dr. Shirlita Amler, said: “Doctors have learned a lot about how to treat people with Covid virus with the medicines they already have.”

Amler is urging people to stay alert, so we’re not seeing a repeat of April’s horrific hospital numbers.

Health experts worry that hospital numbers will rise as infections spread over the holidays. They suggest restricting gatherings to immediate beds.

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