Aromeo Sense is announced as the modern health device for your bedroom

Devices continue to arrive at CES 2021. Miscato Limited announced a new sleep and relaxation device – Aromeo Sense. According to the company, Aromeo Sense is a modern wellness device for your bedroom.

Miscato claims that Aromeo Sense will transform the atmosphere in your bedroom using a mixture of scents, light and music. The three-piece device combines a scent diffuser, mood lighting, and music app to create different surroundings for the same space.

Aromeo Sense is their second IoT product after Aromeo Alpha, a portable smart fragrance diffuser, launched in 2019. For this new device, there is a diffuser body that provides an aqueous diffusion of three natural aromatic packages. Miskato claims the ingredients are 100% vegetarian and non-toxic ingredients.

AROMEOSense champion

To change the ambient lighting, Aromeo Sense uses 40 LED lights around the diffuser body. This Ring of Light features 20 primary colors and 6 animations. Plus, there is plenty of color gamut possibilities with RGB LED lighting – a color to suit every mood, I think.

Finally, for music, there are dedicated music therapy playlists that can be played via the Aromeo app. You can schedule sessions and customize settings for each of the three functions via the app. As an Internet of Things device, it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Three preset modes on Aromeo Sense – one for sleeping, relaxing or working

To operate the device requires one click of the button. The oval ring provides multi-colored light. To adjust the lighting there is a pressure switch at the back. The main body of Aromeo Sense consists of an anodized aluminum diffuser that accommodates three natural aromatic beads. To insert the pods, tilt the light to the right that opens the diffuser. The app provides additional controls to adjust each setting.

Aromeo Sense 1 lighting

Aromeo Sense comes in three units from the factory: Sleep, Relax, and Focus. At night, the Sleep Module allows you to sleep peacefully by diffusing essential oils in coordination with the subdued glow of the sunset and soothing music in contrast, in the morning, instead of waking up to the nasty alarm sounds, you will wake up to a refreshing scent with glowing sunrise light and invigorating music.

The Relax Unit encourages you to breathe better with a light ring to breathe (inhale versus exhale) and create the atmosphere of a sandy beach with tropical scents and the soothing sounds of ocean waves. Finally, the Focus Module uses intense scents for focus, enhanced blue light alertness, and stimulating music. This should help you focus and improve your productivity as we continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aromeo Sense is available via Indiegogo Fully Funded as of November 2020. Aromeo Sense Collection with Perfume Capsules is available for $ 99.

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