Apple is facing charges from the European Union after Spotify complained of unfair restrictions

Apple could face an EU antitrust indictment in the coming weeks, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday after a complaint from rival Spotify that it was unfairly paying its music streaming service.

One person said the European Commission may send a statement of objections outlining suspected violations of the bloc’s antitrust rules to Apple before the summer.

This case is one of four cases opened by European Union competition enforcement against Apple in June of last year. Usually, the EU indictment indicates whether the fine is worth and what companies should do to stop anti-competitive practices.

The committee declined to comment.

Apple referred to its blog in March 2019 saying its app store had helped Spotify tap hundreds of millions of app downloads to become the largest music streaming service in Europe.

Spotify, in its 2019 complaint to the panel, said Apple was unfairly restricting competitors to its Apple Music streaming service and also needed a 30% fee imposed on app developers to use Apple’s in-app purchase (IAP) system.

In addition to the Spotify case, the committee is also investigating Apple’s app store rules for all competing apps, for ebooks and audiobooks, as well as the terms and conditions for Apple Pay.

On Thursday, the UK’s competition watchdog opened an investigation into Apple’s practices as the Dutch agency moves closer to making a decision on its case.

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