Apex Legends War Games will conclude Season 8

Myths of Apex It nears its end at the end of Season Eight: Mayhem, but before things are over, Respawn Entertainment introduces a new event called War Games. With this event, we will see the introduction of five new game modes that will replace the standard Play Apex playlists. These new modes will make small but important adjustments down the road Myths of Apex Matches are playing, and of course, there will be some new cosmetics and items to unlock in the event as well.

The War Games acquisitions will begin next Tuesday, April 13th. The first mod to release that day is called Second Chance (April 13-15), and it will provide a very big change as it will give every player a free resurrection for every match. Players will be able to bring to life all their weapons and equipment, although you won’t just rise from the dead where you fell – instead, you will fall from the place you died, giving you a chance to avoid the fight altogether or perhaps even get close to the enemies who killed you from Different angle.

The second mod that we’ll see is called Ultra Zones (April 15-19), and it will put several hotspots on the map simultaneously. This gives players more chances to secure high-level loot, and each hotspot will be placed inside a flash point. Therefore, not only will you be able to gain some high-quality loot but also HP and armor regeneration as you do, which will make fighting in these hotspots a challenging task.

Then, we’ll get an automatic banner modifier (April 19-21), which automatically grants your teammates a Banner card upon your death, which means they can go directly to the repost beacon to bring you back without having to access the death crate. first. After automatic banners, we’ll get a mod called Killing Time (April 21-23), which speeds up the circuit progression as players are disqualified. Finally, we’ll get a mod called Armor Regen (April 23-27), which will allow players to automatically regenerate their armor at a rate of 12 points per second when out of combat. Shield cells have been removed from the Loot Group in Armor Regen, so be sure to give your shield time to regenerate between clashes.

There is also a new rewards track to work through by completing challenges during the War Games event. Players will be able to win up to 1000 points per day by completing the challenges, and as you can see in the above image, you will need to earn 5,000 points in total to unlock everything. You can see all the rewards shown in that image, but other than that, look for War Games Takeover to get started next week.

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