Another Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch – black, gray, and gold tricked out

Today we’re taking a sneak peek at the latest Nintendo Switch with Monster Hunter Special Edition combos. This isn’t the first time this console has been released as a special edition of the Monster Hunter game series. The first edition was released with special decorations for Monster Hunter XX, the first Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch. This new version was created for Monster Hunter Rise!

The new Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch is marked in several colors – black, light gray, and gold! This version of the device not only covers the front of the dock, but also the controllers, the back of the controllers, and the back of the screen.

Some embossed special edition consoles said the console had a single logo, small icon, or simple recoloring of items. This one is wild. This car is a lot like a sneaky classic with a boxy and bonfire (so you know it goes fast!) Now, if only they were allowed to do extra mileage, as Microsoft did with Gears of War 4 Xbox One YES! This was a custom console worthy of the name!

The only unfortunate part of the Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter bundle is the limited edition nature of its release. If you live in Japan or the UK, you might see this version of Nintendo Switch in stores soon. The device will cost about 38,400 yen in Japan, about $ 370 (approx), and you’ll get Monster Hunter Rise pre-installed on the console – with a code for additional downloadable content.

The vintage edition has some trim in light gray ink in the first Monster Hunster XX. Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch was launched all the way in June of 2017. Imagine you are a Nintendo, so well equipped to sell their hardware that they can release newly decorated versions year after year, while Microsoft and Sony won’t be able to store store shelves for more than A few minutes at a time.

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