Anderson Cooper highlights the coronavirus with a touching opening as cases increase across the United States

Anderson Cooper He kicked off his show Friday night by explaining that he initially planned to show how President Trump did Not accepted yet Election results. Instead, Cooper chooses to highlight “what really matters.”

“There are people now in crowded ICUs all over the country. Some ICUs don’t have beds anymore,” Cooper said, and he nearly collapsed during the influencing segment. “There are people in the ICU now, tonight, fighting for their lives, fighting for every painful breath they can have. … This is what matters now. There is a child in the house now scared to death because his father in the hospital doesn’t know what If he is to meet him again Do you know how you feel?

Cooper showed viewers a graph showing coronavirus cases “heading almost straight.” He commented, “I can’t spend another second worrying about what a mature man who lost a fair is not willing to accept. I’m not ready to accept that there might be 400,000 Americans dead by February 1st. No matter what I think, what I can’t accept. This is.” Is the truth if we do not do better. “

Cooper’s clip was aired at the end of what would have been another good week in another world on the coronavirus front. Perhaps the world our leaders led and our media system have not been poisoned with lies that discourage people from wearing masks, social distancing and taking the virus seriously. Instead, in our reality, it ends in a sad and painful tone. News about Pfizer vaccine An exhausted nation welcomed Monday, allowing the country to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. But the appalling numbers are overshadowed by an increase in positive cases and in hospitals.
“It is difficult to overestimate how much the Coronavirus outbreak deteriorated in the United States last week, with each day entering new and worrying records,” said Will Stone of NPR. Wrote Friday. He is right. Status of the COVID Tracking Project This week’s data Like this: “Cases are up 41 percent, hospital admissions by 20 percent, and deaths by 23 percent. States reported 8,75,401 new cases this week; 1 in 378 Americans tested positive for COVID-19 this week.”

Ready to ignore

During the first wave of the pandemic, in the spring, Trump, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media succinctly acknowledged the reality: that the virus poses a threat to the country’s health, and measures must be implemented to slow the spread. Yes, this came about after they had it He spent weeks denying the threat Of the virus. But, for a moment, there was an acknowledgment of reality. Trump urged people to take steps to slow the spread. Heavy fox as Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm. There was an effort to convince the American public to take the virus seriously.

But now, as we face a third – and more dramatic – wave of contagion, this is all gone. The president will not admit the truth about the virus. Nor will he do his claims on Fox, instead Trump and Fox have spent months inciting the public not to take the virus seriously, into believing it is no longer a threat to their lives. They turned wearing a mask into a partisan issue. They have mocked the science and public health experts who are pleading with the public every day to take basic preventive measures to slow the spread of disease. And this is, frankly, terrifying as we head towards the downfall with a clear spike in infections and hospitalizations. Lies, conspiracy theories, and outright bad information have consequences. And we will all have to live with the results.

The White House Correspondent was injured

The spread of the Coronavirus is evident not only across the country, but in the White House itself. Caitlan Collins, Kate Bennett and Betsy Klein I mentioned Friday Dozens of US Secret Service officers have been marginalized due to exposure to the Coronavirus. The White House Correspondents Association sent an email to the members on Friday afternoon to reveal that a member of the press corps had contracted the virus Thursday evening. WHCA said the briefing room had “received a deep cleaning as a precaution” and stressed to its members to “wear a mask at all times …”

Trump does not take one question

In his first appearance in front of journalists since losing the election, Trump held a briefing on the Coronavirus. But instead of speaking in stark terms about the reality of the situation, or displaying sympathy for those who lost their lives or found themselves in hospital, the president did what he did months ago. He played politics (indicating, for example, that he might withhold the vaccine from New Yorkers) and focused on the good news (that the Pfizer vaccine seemed to work). After loaning the floor to members of Operation Warp Speed, Trump ended the press conference without answering a single question.

Biden virus advisors on television

Unlike Trump, President-elect Joe Biden has deployed his health experts to hit the airwaves. Dr. Vivek Murthy, Dr. Celine Gunder, and others who advised him warned of the seriousness of the current situation. Speaking on “AC360”, Gunder described the virus as “primarily a national security threat”, given “the way Americans contract and become sick with the Coronavirus, and die from the virus, and how the economy is affected by the Coronavirus.”

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