An Australian channel bans Chinese news services due to human rights flu

Pedestrians walking along a street near CCTV headquarters in Beijing in 2018 (File pic)

Sydney: Australian broadcaster SBS said it has suspended CGTN and CCTV broadcasts of Chinese television news services after receiving a human rights complaint.

A spokesperson for SBS told Reuters that CCTV and CGTN programs of Chinese state media will not be broadcast on Saturday and that SBS is reviewing a complaint from a human rights organization.

“Given the serious concerns it raises, and the complexity of the materials involved, we have made a decision to suspend the broadcast of outside-sourced CGTN and CCTV news bulletins while evaluating these services,” SBS said in a statement. .

A story on the SBS News website stated that the organization protecting human rights defenders wrote to SBS after the British media regulator revoked the CGTN license due to “serious breaches of non-compliance”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A letter from Safeguard Defenders to SBS said that CCTV had aired forced confessions of about 56 people between 2013 and 2020.

SBS quoted a message from Safeguard Defenders as saying: “These programs included the extraction, packaging and broadcasting of coercive and false confessions of prisoners held under conditions of coercion and torture.”

SBS is a public service broadcaster, providing news and entertainment programs on radio and television in multiple languages ​​and focusing on multicultural issues.

CGTN English News Service 15 minutes and CCTV Mandarin 30 minutes were part of SBS programming.

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