an association mobilizes to save giraffes stranded on an island

A rescue of stranded giraffes has been carried out on an island in Kenya. Threatened by rising waters, one of them was returned to the mainland last week. Currently there are six and the difficulty in saving them is great.

A giraffe travels upright and the one that was rescued is over five meters tall, so the team that came to rescue it built a special barge. It’s a great raft who stayed close to where he lived for several months to familiarize himself with her. On the day of the trip, she was attracted by acacia pods, a food that the giraffe loves. Baranti’s giraffe climbed into the boat, which slowly made landfall. He found two of his companions in a nature reserve. who had been displaced last year.

These giraffes have been trapped by rising waters due to global warming. Its territory, a peninsula, has become an island where crocodiles also live. So they run the risk of drowning or being eaten. The association “Save the giraffe now” still wants to save the six giraffes that were left on the island. The species is on the brink of extinction, fewer than 600 remain in Kenya.

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