an anonymous man returns old coins during a church confession

The Archaeological Park of Paestum, near Naples, received an anonymous donation of 200 ancient coins that had been stolen from it. The thief, who probably regretted his gesture, took advantage from a confession to the church to return their loot.

“Under the seal of the secret of confession, an anonymous person restored, through the priest confessor of a local parish, a bag with more than 200 coins at the Archaeological Park of Paestum, asking to hand them over personally to the director Gabriel Zuchtriegel, “says the park statement.” Of the 208 numismatic objects, seven are false, “said Federico Carbone, a professor at the local university, specifying that most of these pieces were made of bronze alloy.

“This is the latest in a series of versions of people who, feeling remorse after having committed an act to the detriment of heritageThey have decided to return what had been illegally removed ”, thanks the site’s address.

Paestum, a former Greek colony conquered by the Romans and located a few dozen kilometers south of Naples, is home to three of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world.

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