American Air 737 MAX makes an emergency landing after engine shutdown

An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max that was bound for Newark, New Jersey, landed safely on Friday after pilots turned off an engine during the flight, the US Air Safety Authority said.

The MAX returned to the skies of the United States late last year after making a worldwide stop in March 2019 after two fatal accidents.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that “pilots have reported an engine shutdown during flight” but that the plane managed to reach its gate with its own power, and the agency will investigate the accident.

American Airlines confirmed to AFP that the problem was related to the issue of engine oil pressure and not the faulty flight handling system known as the Maneuvering Characteristic Enhancement System, which was involved in the accidents that killed a total of 346 people.

“All customers disembarked normally, with no injuries reported to passengers or crew,” American Airlines said.

The 737 MAX was a hit with airlines, becoming Boeing’s fastest-selling aircraft until it was decommissioned, forcing the manufacturer to revamp MCAS and implement new pilot training protocols.

The US airline giant was plunged into a crisis, exacerbated by the global slowdown in travel caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and airlines canceled hundreds of orders for the plane.

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