Amazon Music now includes X-Ray so you can learn while streaming songs

Amazon recently added a new feature to the Amazon Music app called X-Ray. if I were Amazon Prime Member And as you use other Amazon services like Prime Video, you probably already know what X-Ray is.

It’s Amazon’s cryptic name for the trivia-based feature that lets you know the things you’re interacting with. In the case of Prime Video, you can recognize the actors on screen when watching a movie or TV show.

In the case of Amazon Music, X-Ray will allow you to get to know your favorite artists while streaming their music into your ears. It is a very cool addition that may make you love these artists even more. Or if you’ve always been interested in learning more about it, now you can. And these little bits of trivia will give you something to talk about with friends who might appreciate the same artist.

Amazon Music X-Ray will have information on songs and albums as well as artists

Amazon Music’s X-Ray feature will not contain simple information about the artist you are listening to.

It will also contain some fun facts about singles and albums as well. While X-rays are present In the user interface of the app which is definitely noticeable, it is not a big and clear beacon. Amazon isn’t trying to get your attention.

However, he wants you to have access to it you can say that it is hidden in plain sight because it is not really hidden, but you can also miss it or easily ignore it. Because it’s not screaming.

X-Ray is available in tens of millions of songs

If you subscribe to Amazon Music and this sounds like a feature you want to check out, you can. Actually instantly. At least you should be able to.

Amazon said that X-Ray will be on the app starting today. And it will contain tens of millions of songs from the start. It’s worth noting that it’s possible that some users might not see the X-Ray feature yet.

If this happens, you may need to update the Amazon Music app. Or, you may just need to wait a little longer for Amazon to push the feature to everyone.

Once broadcast live, you will see the word X-Ray in lowercase at the bottom of the app’s user interface when playing a song. It will be below the Pause / Play button, and next to the Alexa button.

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