Amazon is releasing upgraded echo frames for $ 249.99, and they’re available now

Amazon has it Advertise Second-generation Echo Frames with improved sound quality, longer battery life and new color options. The company first launched Echo Frames as a “Day 1 Edition” product in September 2019. At the time, Alexa-enabled smart glasses were only available by invitation for $ 179.99.

The upgraded Echo Frames are priced at $ 249.99 and will be available to everyone without any invitation. These new smart glasses are currently available for pre-order and will start shipping from December 10. If you’re one of those who bought the Day 1 Edition Echo Frames, you can upgrade to the 2nd generation model by paying only the $ 70 difference.

Amazon unveils the second generation of Echo Frames smart glasses

These new smart glasses from Amazon come in three colors – Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue, and Classic Black. However, the design remains the same without visual changes. The company also claims that improved open-ear audio technology will provide “richer and fuller sound compared to the previous version”.

Moreover, Echo Frames can automatically adjust the volume level based on the surrounding environment. The company has also added a VIP filter to notify only from certain apps and contacts. Aside from providing hands-free access to Alexa, Echo Frames will also continue to function as a native voice assistant on both iOS and Android smartphones.

The new Echo Frames will also last 40 percent longer than the last-generation model. To further improve battery life, smart glasses will now turn off when in upside down position for three seconds. Users can also turn off the microphone by double pressing the action button.

There is also an LED indicator to show the microphone status. Moreover, these are also IPX4 certified for splash resistance. Echo Frames feature 4 small speakers to create an audio package for the user’s ear. It comes with a special magnetic connector for charging. Weighing just 188g, the Echo Frames are lightweight and will be comfortable for extended wear.

It turned off the Echo Loop smart loop

While these smart glasses come with non-corrective lenses, Amazon also stated that they are compatible with most prescription lenses. There are also two microphones that receive voice commands. While listening to music, the experience on Echo Frames will not be comparable to earphones.

On the other hand, Amazon will discontinue production and sales of the Echo Loop smart ring. However, the company reported continued updates and support for users who purchased today’s first edition of Echo Loop.

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