Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Box Set, 20 Pieces, Silver

price: 2,000.00 Indian Rupees – INR 1089.00
(As of January 13, 2021 at 20:17:59 UTC – details)

Solimo offers an effective storage solution for your kitchen with its set of 20 plastic storage containers. With capacities ranging from 1800ml to 50ml, these attractive clear plastic utensils can be used to store a range of ingredients, straight from staples like rice and legumes to spices like mustard and chili powder. This high-quality, first-class food grade PET plastic that is free from odors and the harmful health risks of BPA ensures that these jars are extremely safe for daily use for storage in the kitchen. Thanks to sturdy stainless-steel lids that open up smoothly, these sturdy cans can be stacked one by one, saving space and creating an orderly and clutter-free kitchen. It becomes convenient to transport the contents from containers with the largest neck diameter of the same class tractor.

Made of high-quality polyethylene terephthalate, first-class food grade plastic, 100% free from the harmful effects of Bisphenol A
It maintains the freshness of the contents because the containers are sealed to prevent moisture loss
Keep your kitchen neat and tidy with stackable cans that take up less space
Fully transparent body allows you to easily view the contents
A touch of elegance and durability with easy-to-open stainless-steel caps versus regular plastic caps
Strong and durable with 1800ml and 1200ml jars weighing the highest in the class at 176g and 115g respectively.
The contents are easy to store and retrieve with a neck diameter of 12cm for 1800ml and 10cm for a 1200ml bowl

20-Piece Amazon Brand Container Solimo Silver Plastic Set

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