almost half of the vaccinated population, the country reopens its economy

Just two months after its launch, the Israeli vaccination campaign is paying off. Since the start of the large-scale deployment of the Pfizer vaccine on December 19, 2020, 46% of the population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. As a result, the country, which has 9 million people, is reopening its economy after several months of general shutdown.

This Sunday, February 21, shopping malls, markets, museums and libraries they have reopened their doors. The cafes and restaurants will be closed at least until March, details France Inter.

“We are the first country in the world to recover thanks to the millions of vaccines we have ordered”Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said on Twitter. “Vaccinated? Get the green pass and get your life back,” he said.

“A green passport” for certain public places

In fact, the government has implemented “a green passport” that allows everyone to go to sports halls, swimming pools, amusement parks, hotels and attend sporting or cultural events.

The “green passport” deployed in Israel to access certain public venues and events (illustration).

Most people over the age of 60 received both doses anti-Covid serum and the number of new daily cases drops dramatically. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the risk of virus infection has been reduced by 95.8% in people who have received both doses of the vaccine.

Despite the relaxation of certain health limitations, it should be noted that Barrier gestures and social distancing are required in the country.. Dancing in banquet halls is still prohibited, while places of worship must respect a caliber cut in half, he explains. Western france.

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