ALIENS: Fireteam is made after Alien 3, before resurrection … but how?

Before watching this trailer, be open and check the “Alpha” sign below. This game is still in a relatively early stage of development, and it will almost certainly look better when it is ready for release. Having said that, it’s strange that it was set for “Summer 2021” but the release of the trailer for the game today is still “alpha” in nature. Have you ever encountered such a mixture of elements before?

ALIENS: Fireteam is an online-only, cooperative third-person shooter. You would be a Marine collaborating with other Marines, the kind you saw in the movie ALIENS (sequel to ALIEN). This game “Drops your fire team of seasoned Marines into a desperate battle to contain the Xenomorph threat.”

This game is not just an adventure type “we are only fighting aliens at some point”. It occurs at a relatively specific point in the ALIEN universe timeline. This game takes place “23 years after the original Alien trilogy.”

That should mean we’re looking at 2202. That’s 23 years after Alien 3, which happened in 2179. The first movie, ALIEN, happened in 2122, Alien in 2179, and Alien Resurrection in 2379. So this new game fills a gap. – Or fill part of the gap – between Alien 3 (where Ripley died) and Alien Resurrection.

Here’s something that will be interesting to see, though: Where do these aliens come from? The folks at ColdIron will need to explain how, after Ripley has taken what we assumed to be the last alien queen to her death, there are more aliens appearing in this game.

According to the game description, “You will play a pivotal role in the epic events that take place 23 years after the original Alien trilogy as a captain of the Colonial Marines stationed aboard the USS Endeavor, fighting the terrifying Xenomorph threats.” Not only that, you’ll be fighting 11 different Xenomorphs.

It includes everything on the “evolution scale”, as it describes, “from Facehuggers to Praetorians.” That’s right, this game includes the Predator universe’s Praetorian, which means we’ll likely see the Predator at some point along the way. Cross your fingers, that means we’ll be ravenous too – but don’t hold your breath!

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