after 50 they get married thanks to their daughter they did not know

It is a hardly believable love story. In the U.S, a couple got married after 50 years of separation thanks to their daughter whom they did not know. Getting pregnant when she was very young, Donna was forced to abandon her son under pressure from her family and stay away from her college sweetheart, Joey.

Today the baby, named Laura, has grown well and has investigated to find his biological parents. In the spring of 1968, Joey and Donna were sentenced to never be able to see each other again after the latter moved to Indianapolis. So pregnant she gives birth on November 5 this year and you will only be able to hold your baby for 30 minutes in your arms.

51 years later, Laura is now an accomplished woman and mother of two. But she wants to fill the void created by her biological parents and her husband decides to buy her a DNA test. First he manages to find an uncle, then his biological mother, Donna, and finally Joey.

Their biological parents then live alone and Laura decides to put them back in touch. They meet again and immediately fall into each other’s arms and discover that they are still in love. They got married last may.

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