Affected by Covid-19 and dengue fever, he is left blind and paralyzed after a cobra bite

Relentless fate or sad chance? The story of this Briton, who lives in northwestern India, is almost like a curse. Ian Jones was infected with the coronavirus, malaria and dengue, tropical flu transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. But the bad luck did not end there: the man was bitten by a king cobra, a deadly snake, making him blind and paralyzed.

Before the fatal bite, this Briton was stranded in India, causing concern in his family. In fact, “he had not been able to return home due to the Covid-19 pandemic” and “naturally we were concerned,” his son testifies. But “when we learned that he had also suffered a fatal snake bite in addition to everything that had happened, we honestly couldn’t believe it“he told the media Skynews.

Fundraiser launch

This Briton, who worked in the health field, moved to India where he had been helping Indian artisans “who suffer from poverty” for months. BFMTV. It works closely with an association to support these suffering populations.

Due to blindness and paralysis from the bite, Ian Jones is being treated in intensive care at a hospital across the country. The man “is stable at the moment although he has paralysis in his legs and blindness, which we hope to be temporary“said his son. However, the victim” will remain in the hospital for a certain time.

To support him in this ordeal, his company, the Indian Social Enterprise Sabirian, launched fundraising to cover your medical expenses and treatments.

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