Adult Swim made the Rick and Morty ad on PS5 and it’s the best thing ever

Rick and Morty are very popular, and the PS5 is very popular. So why not bundle them together for an ad that will appeal to fans of the display who may also want to purchase a new console.

Well, that’s exactly what Adult Swim did, as earlier this afternoon they posted a PS5 ad on their channel with Rick and Morty as the salespeople.

If you are a fan of the show and haven’t seen the ad yet, you should. It’s a quick and cheerful little advertisement just like it is at the heart of the topic. Adult Swim doesn’t mess around here, and neither does Sony.

And this appears to show up well in the advertisement.

Rick & Morty and PS5: Pure Marketing Genius?

For those who aren’t a fan of the show, it can be difficult to see it that way. But trust us, this is what good marketing looks like.

Not only did Sony click on a company and an IP address of the same level of massive popularity to help it with advertising, but it also kept things insanely short. Not long ago, with long CGI, there weren’t verbal monologues or even a long, wordless commercial at all against a backdrop of terrible music.

Thirty seconds long. Down to the second. Mentioned some of the main features that Sony wanted to highlight in a funny way. Then it just says “Go buy the PS5”. Actually, Sony. In fact.

There is, of course, a small problem with the ad, which is the timing.

Sony says to buy the PS5, but you can’t

See, the ad is cool. If you’re a fan of the show, it might be the best thing ever. And when it comes to ads, don’t waste your time.

The only problem, really, is timing. Today is November 20, which is 8 days after the official launch day of the PS5. The problem is, there are really no PS5 controllers to buy. Not anywhere. Everyone including Sony itself is completely out of stock with the PlayStation Direct online store.

Places like Walmart were restocked yesterday for awhile, and will do so again next week. But the shares sold off as quickly as the Rick and Morty ad ended. And according to Sony, the stock won’t improve until sometime in early 2021.

These are, of course, things that everyone should expect. It’s launching a new generation of consoles and Sony has warned people that stocks will be low this holiday period. Anyway, you can check out the Rick and Morty PS5 ad below if you want to laugh.

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