a wild sheep with 35 kg of wool saved by an association

In Australia, a “loaded” sheep with a coat of almost 35 kg has been found wandering through a forest in the state of Victoria. It hadn’t been cut for five years. To free the animal, baptized Baarack, an association from the Melbourne region took charge of it. In social networks, the video of its pruning has accumulated in total almost 18 million visits, indicates the site Euronews, February 25.

Shearing the animal turned out to be complex due to debris and mud accumulated on their fur. “I couldn’t believe there was really a living sheep under all that wool,” said Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. According to the official, Baarack is “a little lamb that has been lost and never returned.”

As a reminder, vets recommendonly cut once a year, particularly on the island-continent where sheep suffer especially from the thickness of their coat during “scorching and dry summers”.

A sheep named Chris still holds the record for the heaviest fleece to this day. : in 2015, 41 kg of wool had been shorn, thus entering the Guinness World Records, details Western france.

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