a “time capsule” to convey the memory of the pandemic

Gather to elements on managing a pandemic all over the planet, for the use of future generations, who will suddenly be able to see what has been done well and what has been managed badly enough. This is the idea of ​​several librarians in the suburbs of Washington.

They established a “time capsule” as it is called in english. In the last century, it was a small chest, in which we put newspapers, coins, testimonies of the time, which we locked up and sometimes even buried, and that, a few generations later, we discovered.

There, these are 30 million digitized documents, from 9,000 different fonts, which will be kept in the National Library of Medicine. It is both a scrapbook and a collection of warnings.
This is the evidence collected from around the world, given the global scale of the pandemic. It would even seem that France and China would be in the process of putting together its own similar documentation.

Get inspired and improve the strategies implemented

On the bright side, there will be mostly deeply human brands and testimonials: the selfies of this london nurse, at the beginning of the first confinement, tired and with the marks of the mask after a 9-hour guard to monitor the patients suffering from Covid-19, workers of a vodka distillery in Maryland that began to manufacture hydroalcoholic gel, full of Small individual stories have been compiled to show human resilience. From all of us.

And then we get into the toughest examples for those who aren’t supposed to open this “time capsule” that in the XXII century : The documentary makers collected the articles that explain the scientific feat of the so rapid creation of vaccines. The strategies of Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand to counter the virus are also documented.

Librarians wanted to show who was well prepared so as not to forget that planning is better – get inspired and improve strategies. The goal of these librarians is also to show what went wrong and should be taken into account in the future. And yet it is not easy to agree on what went wrong.

Warning against the dangers of re-information

But archivists have analyzed the speeches of many public health officials. And many say these dramatic situations could have been avoided at times. When you think that this week, it is once again the usefulness of distancing measures and masks that occupy the American news, 12 months after the start of the pandemic in the country !

Maybe librarians will even add this little video of Joe Biden where we hear him say that the Governor of Texas has a neanderthal mentality.

Other warning documents will also be attached to show the dangers of misinformation, politicization of the health crisis, loss of confidence in science and facts, lack of leadership, of leaders. doing his job correctly – and in a coordinated way.

In the U.S, there is a shame of a certain “elite”, of the dark spiral into which the United States has sunk, where the death toll has left many indifferent. The disappearance of the notion of duty, while the notion of individual freedom has prevailed at all costs. One of the take-home messages, according to the researchers who compiled all of this, is that it’s better to be proactive and act fast.

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