a soap opera that has fascinated Americans for 25 years

Tiger Woods was the victim of a serious car accident Tuesday morning. Nevertheless, his days would not be in danger. But what happened yesterday is the latest episode in an incredible life that Americans have passionately followed for 25 years.

In fact, there is everything in the life of Tiger Woods: crazy talent, big wins, downfalls, betrayals, addictions, comebacks, a complicated relationship with his father. In short, his life is an American story. There is also a recent documentary on the HBO channel.

The golfer did not like the champions very much, because their flaws stand out. It begins with a speech from his father at a reception. Tiger Woods is only 20 years old, he is about to turn professional, and this is what his father says: “My son is going to transcend this sport. The world will be a better place to live because of your existence and presence.“,” He is my treasure, accept him and use him wisely. “Enough to push.

15 Crand Slam tracks

Tiger Woods revolutionizes golf with a more physical approach. At 21, this young black man dominates a sport practiced by whites, where blacks were banned for a long time. The youngest number one in the world, he crushed the discipline from 1996 to 2008 with 15 Grand Slam titles.

Outside of sport, the star will fall hard, especially due tosex addiction, as he confessed, or rather as he was forced to admit. In 2009, after an argument with his wife, he took the car and crashed into a tree. The argument concerned revelations in the press about his numerous infidelities. This is the beginning of the problems: you get divorced, your godparents let you go, or they force you to apologize because his image as a good athlete in all aspects, which sells for millions of dollars, is affected. His career thus knows a first stop.

In addition to yesterday and 2009, Tiger had another car problem. In 2017 he was found on his side asleep at the wheel. The images will go around the world: the champion is arrested, emaciated, drugged, caught by the headlights of the police car. He had taken a 5-drug cocktail to ease his back pain.

Towards another return?

If Tiger Woods is so admired, it is precisely because he is still a champion, capable of incredible comebacks. And that Americans love. After his accident in 2009, his career plummeted, but in 2013 he again became number 1 and the highest paid athlete in the world. With earnings estimated by Forbes magazine at $ 1.5 billion since his professional debut.

But from 2014 it was his physique that let him go, with excruciating back pain. It is operated several times and even some vertebrae are fused. It is remarkably to ease her pain, she drinks cocktails of medications and antidepressants. Unable to walk, depressed, he returned to the greens and won the prestigious Augustin Masters in April 2019. A return that fascinates Americans.

But he gets hurt again. Before his accident yesterday, he said he was heading home.
This new car accident is serious. Seriously injured in the legs, the athlete was lucky to get out, according to the police. We’ll see if at 45, Tiger Woods can make another comeback.

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