a senator from Texas flies to Mexico

It’s a mistake that could cost you your dreams in the White House. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been in the midst of a media storm since Thursday. The elected official, who is a figure of the Republican Party and a supporter of Donald Trump, flew to the Mexican resort of Cancun on Wednesday.

At the same time, Texas, caught in a deadly and unprecedented cold snap, was going through an unprecedented crisis. Nearly 700,000 homes and businesses were without power on Thursday when polar temperatures caused a dramatic increase in electricity use, which had to be cut off in some places.

According to Dallas Morning News, The senator flew to Mexico with his family on Wednesday. The diary is based in particular on photos that show him at the Houston airport and on a plane to the famous tropical tourist destination, located on the very sunny Yucatan Peninsula.

Ted Cruz admits “a mistake”

This active support of Donald Trump, who would one day be seen in the White House, could see his ambitions for this Mexican stay clouded. Social media, like his Democratic opponents or members of his own Project Lincoln party, quickly ridiculed him.

The once mocking nickname “Lyin ‘Ted” by Donald Trump, quickly got a new nickname on Twitter: “Flyin’ Ted” (“Flying Ted”). Ted Cruz, who admits it was “obviously a mistake,” said he simply left his daughters in Mexico. before immediately taking the plane back to the United States. Not convincing.

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