A parent says to Uniqlo that Myanmar supplier factories were set on fire

Black smoke billowed from Hailing Township Industrial Zone in Yangon on Sunday. (AP photo)

Two supplier plants in Myanmar were recently set ablaze, Japanese company Fast Retailing said Tuesday, amid violent unrest in the wake of a military coup.

A representative of Fast Retailing, known for its Uniqlo brand for casual clothing stores, confirmed that fires broke out Sunday at two factories used to manufacture clothing.

The factories were not operating at the time and there were no casualties.

The company said that the situation in Myanmar will lead to some delays in the production and delivery of products.

Foreign companies have been urged to suspend operations in Myanmar to pressure the junta to end its bloody takeover.

Japan’s Kirin Holdings is ending a beer alliance with a military-linked company after coming under pressure from activist groups.

“We are extremely concerned about the current situation in Myanmar and have started talks with international stakeholders, including UN agencies, non-profit organizations and other global companies on this matter,” Fast Retailing said in a statement.

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