A non-profit publisher is making a big step towards the science of open access

Canadian Science Publishing has signed a transformational agreement for open publishing with the University of California

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) – a not-for-profit publisher of peer-reviewed science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) journals – is excited to announce a new, transformative, open access publishing agreement with the University of California (UC) that will provide unlimited open publication to researchers University of California. Publishing with its magazines.

The transformational agreement is the first of its kind for a Canadian magazine publisher and a pivotal first step for CSP, its authors, and its international readers. The Ottawa-based non-profit organization is exploring how to shift from subscription-based business models to ones that make it easier and more affordable for researchers to publish their open-access work.

“Access to the science of peer review is more important than ever. As a non-profit to navigate the shift from subscription to open access, we see transformational models as a sustainable way to open up the scientific literature,” says Susan Keightley, CEO at CSP.

The agreement will be implemented through the University of California’s multiple payment model, where university libraries share the cost of the open access fee or essay processing fee (APC) with the authors. Under the cost-sharing model, UC libraries will automatically pay the first $ 1,000 from APC to all UC authors at the nine participating universities who choose to publish in the CSP Journal. Authors will be required to pay the rest if they have research funds available to do so. Authors without available research funds can request full APC funding from libraries, ensuring that a lack of research funding is not a constraint for UCSF authors who wish to publish open access in CSP journals.

“Sharing costs between academic libraries and funders ensures that researchers have an affordable option to publish their science in an open format,” says Kettley of the multi-payment model.

By combining funding from libraries with grant money for authors, the agreement provides a model for how organizations that produce a significant amount of grant-funded research create a sustainable, inclusive pathway to full open access.

CSP, a mission-driven organization, and University of California, a public university, share a commitment to support researchers who want to make their research freely available for anyone to read.

“More and more researchers want their work to be available to anyone, anywhere.“ Conversations and collaborations with libraries help make this goal, this vision, a reality, ”says Michael Donaldson, Director of the Open Access Program at CSP. California in this exciting initiative. We look forward to partnering with the UCSD research community and providing them with new opportunities to publish open access, ensuring that their research can be read and used freely. ”

“With our shared vision of a future in which science and scholarship is accessible to all, UC is pleased to partner with Canadian Science Publishing in an open access agreement,” says Ivy Anderson, Associate Executive Director of the California Digital Library at the University of California. “We also want to encourage a diverse and equitable publishing ecosystem in which mission-dependent publishers can thrive, and we deeply appreciate CSP’s desire to implement the UCSF’s first open access agreement in the United States in a joint effort toward building sustainable open access models. It is the first of its kind with UCSD with a publisher in Canada and is an example of UC’s interest in developing transformational agreements with publishers of all sizes and disciplines. ”

Despite its modest size – CSP owns and publishes 24 journals – the publisher is committed to a big vision of open access science.

In 2016, the CSP was launched Faces, Canada’s first and only open-access interdisciplinary scientific journal. In 2019, CSP created a National Open Science Working Group that brings together stakeholders from academia, governments and industry to discuss Canada’s place in the global open science movement. Going forward, CSP is exploring various models to try to continue its transition to open access.

For CSP and UC, conversations centered around shared philosophies about open access. Both the publisher and the university see open access as a key component of the future of publishing and are doing their part to transition from an unpaid subscription ban system to open access search. The University of California has committed to delivering fully sustainable open access.

“Science is advancing because of initiatives like this, because of libraries and other institutions dedicated to changing, for the better, how people discover science,” Donaldson adds. “We look forward to continuing to build these essential partnerships with other like-minded organizations working for the future of open access.”


About Canadian Science Publishing

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) is an independent, non-profit company in Canada in the field of mobilizing science, making sure that it is easy to discover, use, and share. Featuring content from a global community of researchers, CSP publishes 24 peer-reviewed scientific journals covering a range of natural, physical, and engineering sciences.

For information about the Open Access Program CSP, please contact Michael Donaldson at [email protected] Or visit https: //cdnsciencepub.Com /Open access.

About University of California Libraries and the California Digital Library

UC Libraries provide, individually and collectively, access to global knowledge of the UC campus and the communities it serves, directly supporting UCS teaching, research, and public service missions. The California Digital Library, located within the UCLA President’s Office, provides transformative digital library services that increase the impact of libraries, scholarships, and UCS resources.

About Open Access at the University of California

Open access publishing supports UC’s mission by transferring knowledge on a larger scale and facilitating new discoveries that build on the university’s research and academic work. In 2013, the system-wide Academic Senate approved an open access policy that affirmed its commitment to “making her research and scholarship widely available”. Learn more about open access at UC.

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