a murderer found 40 years later thanks to a soda can

It took almost 40 years to solve This closed case, a “cold case” as they say in the United States: a man suspected of having killed a woman named Sylvia Quayle, in 1981 in Cherry Hills Village (Colorado), was arrested in February, reports the chain. CBS. Your DNA found in a soda can, corresponds to the one found at that time near the victim.

August 4, 1981 Sylvia Quayle, a 35-year-old woman, had been found dead in her home, naked, strangled, stabbed and shot by a pistol. Samples could have been recovered from the crime scene but it was not until 1995 that a piece of carpet could be analyzed and 2000 so that the police could identify the DNA as that of a male individual.

Trapped by their trash

Last January, investigators relaunched the case using two genetic databases open access, Family Tree DNA and GEDMatch. This allowed them to identify approximately 3,300 people probably matches the profile. It took a few more weeks of investigation to narrow down the range of leads and target a prime suspect: David Dwayne Anderson, a 62-year-old man now living in Nebraska.

It only remained to collect the DNA of this man, which could be done by recovering a can – vanilla soda, says CBS – in your trash. The two sequences matched perfectly and therefore David Dwayne Anderson was arrested on February 10. He is expected to be transferred to Colorado to face a charge of willful murder.

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