a manatee found with the word “TRUMP” engraved on its back

Is this a new getaway for Donald Trump supporters? A manatee has been seen in the Homosassa River in Florida, with a funny inscription on its back. You can read the word “TRUMP” engraved on the animal. If the manatee does not appear to be seriously injured, it is still of an act of mutilation who interviewed the researchers.

The image was broadcast in large numbers on social networks and denounced by some defenders of the animal cause, such as the journalist Hugo Clément. The police have launched a call for witnesses, to try to find out who engraved the name of the outgoing president on the animal’s back.

Nicknamed the “sea cow,” the manatee is very popular in Florida. It moves slowly, which makes it vulnerable to fishing. He “is protected by state and federal laws“, according to NBC, which reminds us that manatees were on the endangered species list until 2017. Even today, they are considered an endangered species.

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