A look at the Big Four Fashion Weeks

In the world of fashion, there are four events that beat the rest in terms of anticipation, excitement and creativity. They attract the rich and famous, generate worldwide interest, and see the most respected fashion designers showcase their latest collections.

These four events, of course, are the “Big Four” fashion weeks that take place in New York, London, Paris and Milan, respectively.

These four events are the place to find the latest fashion trends. As the likes of Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney have shown, they are a staging ground for some of the most influential designers on the planet. Additionally, even for those who are usually sweatpants and oversized shirts, more ‘in’ costumes at these events are a source of entertainment.

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Every fashion week produced by the Big Four is proven to be popular and influential. So now using the search from Betway online casinoIn this article, we will take a closer look at each event – using numbers from the last fashion weeks before the pandemic broke out – and see which event comes out on top in terms of stats.

Milan Fashion Week

Yes, Milan Fashion Week is the youngest of the Big Four. However, when you shed the event on its own, you can get a real estimate of the scale of Milan Fashion Week.

During the last event, there were a total of 64 shows which featured a mix of the best emerging talent in costume design. These shows were attended by 22,500 visitors, and this helped Milan Fashion Week generate a healthy income of £ 44.6 million.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week started in 1973, And it has grown from strength to strength. The event is one of the best in terms of the number of shows attended by visitors, with the last batch in Paris having 134 shows.

As for visitors, Paris Fashion Week welcomed 30,000 fashion lovers to enjoy fashion shows and presentations. This resulted in a total income of £ 58 million.

London Fashion Week

Despite being the kid of the group, London Fashion Week first started in 1984, London Fashion Week didn’t take long to establish itself as the second biggest event on the fashion calendar.

In terms of shows, London Fashion Week only had 72 shows – a number that pales in comparison to the 134 shows in Paris. However, London has made up for this in other regions. Besides watching 105,000 visitors, the event generated a whopping £ 269 million in revenue. That’s four times more than Paris Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week

The original Fashion Week remains at the top of the heap. Having started in 1943 – 15 years before Milan – New York Fashion Week is still the number one destination for hotels The latest fashion trends Nearly 80 years later.

The last event hosted 300 great shows in total. These shows were attended by nearly 150,000 visitors, and they ensured that New York Fashion Week had a total revenue of £ 439 million. This total revenue far exceeds all other fashion weeks combined.

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