a Japanese group has developed a robot tester for Covid

To fight viruses, we innovate a little bit every day. In Japan, the Kawasaki group has just developed a prototype robot, capable of detection tests. With his arm he takes a sample from the nose and then can give the results in 80 minutes.

Robotic automated PCR tests for sampling and analysis. A true mobile laboratory in a container transported by truck, this is the system developed by Kawasaki. Goal: stop exposing healthcare personnel to the virus, test as many people as possible to allow meetings and travel without masks again.

“From sample to result, it only takes 80 minutes and each module can process 2000 samples every 16 hours. This system can be installed in multiple places, in airports, parks, concert halls, stadiums, anywhere ”, welcomes the general director of Kawasaki, in charge of the project.

It must be said that the invention of the Japanese group is timely for the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer: “We are in very advanced discussions with the government and the Olympic committee to operate our system. Then we will be delighted to install it at the entrance to the Olympic stadiums ”, he adds.

The group is expected to obtain the approval of the system by the health authorities at the end of the month and, therefore, install the first modules at Japanese airports in early March.

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