a future father killed by the explosion of a confetti cannon

A 28-year-old boy, who was preparing a “gender reveal” party to reveal the sex of his unborn baby to his relatives, died on Sunday, February 21 in New York in the explosion of a confetti cannon. He was making the device, which would be used to project blue or pink confetti, when it exploded in his hands. The future dad’s brother was injured.

According to a police source from NBC News, the confetti cannon that exploded was just a prototype and not the device that would be used on the day of the party.

“It wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone.
It was just a harmless accessory for a gender reveal that has gone horribly wrong, “lamented the same source.

An investigation is underway to determine what may have caused the explosion. The materials that were used by the victim should be analyzed.

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