a French woman arrested for organizing a party while in prison

Although Erasmus stays have a festive aspect for European students, leisure activities are reduced and regulated almost everywhere. Restrictions that appear to have been ignored by a 21-year-old French student staying in Greece. Indeed, she was arrested and prosecuted for having organized a party in his apartment in Thessaloniki.

The small jump still brought together another 13 French students, even though there is containment in the country, a police source told AFP. Tuesday, March 16, the police disembarked at dawn after Building tenants called to protest the “disturbance of public order” caused by the party in question.
According to information from ERT television, the students tried to hide when the police arrived, getting under the beds, sofas but also on the balcony.

Criminal prosecution

A game of hide and seek performed in vain, all have been discovered. The 21-year-old student, as an organizer, was fined 3,000 euros, and the Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal proceeding against her on Tuesday for violation of the rules on the risks of “transmission of contagious diseases” before releasing it. She faces a five-year prison sentence.

Fines of 300 euros were also imposed on his 13 colleagues, most of whom are studying law. In strict confinement for more than four monthsGreece is facing a third wave of pandemic. The police have stepped up controls to enforce restrictions on barrier gestures, the use of masks and gatherings.

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