A comprehensive textbook on nutrition and therapeutic diets for undergraduate students in Nursing according to the Inc system

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This book will be useful for diploma, graduate, and postgraduate students. It is based on the latest recommended curriculum from INC. The content is clearly and completely explained on each topic. It explains general principles of nutrition and nutritional therapy as well as practical aspects related to nutrition, planning and management. Each chapter includes an introduction, definitions, flowcharts, nurse’s role in diet planning in various diseases and conclusion. The main points are highlighted and converted into a quick review or basic concepts. Tables of nutritional value and daily requirements are added and revised according to current recommendations. Non-nurses can also benefit from this book. Reviewed and updated according to the most recent Recommended Diet Allowance (RDA) guidelines as well as national health programs and policies implemented by the government. Graphic illustrations have been fully integrated to illustrate the concept in a more accurate way.

BA Holistic Diet & Diet Nursing & Nutrition Students Syll Textbook Therapy

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