a child dies in a mobile home, presumed hypothermia

These last days, Texas is paralyzed by freezing cold. Residents have to cope with water and power outages and warm themselves to the best of their ability. In this already difficult environment, the town of Conroe experienced a tragedy on Tuesday, February 16.

In a mobile home Cristian Pavon, an 11-year-old boy, died overnight, report it Washington Post. According to his mother, the boy appeared to be in good health before going to bed. An investigation has been opened and authorities suspect hypothermia, which could have been due to the lack of heat, was cut off during the weekend.

It was around two in the afternoon that the child’s mother would have worried to see him still in bed. After trying in vain to wake him up, she asked for help, who could not revive him.

According to the American media, about 30 Jeans have died since the start of the cold episode. There would be 47 in total in the country.

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