a caregiver, cured of cancer at ten, will travel to space

Twenty years of difference and the same smile between the two photos: in the first, Hayley She is 10 years old and has no hair after treatment for bone cancer. In the second, still in the same children’s hospital, she is a 29-year-old girl with long hair, became a caregiver.

Hayley is the heroine of the children she meets, because she will go in theSpace. It will be an orbital flight of three or four days. The promoters wanted reward a member of nursing staff. The course of the young woman touched them.

When he received the call, at his home in Memphis, he did not hide his joy. “They told me, ‘There’s a place on the rocket. Do you want to go to Space?‘I immediately said’ yes yes please! I wanna go, It looks awesome. But then I said to myself: I must tell my mother!

His mother said yes. Hayley is a model for the children he cares for and claims. She should be the youngest american in the space, the first with a disability. Following his Cancerthe doctors asked him prosthesis to one leg. But even heaven did Unlimited for her.

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