a Boeing catches fire after takeoff and lands urgently

A big scare for the passengers and crew of flight 328 of the American airline United Airlines. Saturday February 20, left turbojet of a Boeing 777-2000 that provides the connection between Denver (Colorado) and Honolulu (Hawaii) caught fire and began to disintegrate within minutes of takeoff, explains the Canadian newspaper Press.

The incident prompted the pilots to make a U-turn. They contacted the Denver International Airport control tower to request an emergency landing clearance, and then landed safely. No passengers were injured, according to a statement issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Cabin videos showing a provided fire have been posted online. Coloradans have also posted several movies on the Internet in which we see the plane in distress emitting thick black smoke in the sky.

Rubble damaged some houses on the ground – Broomfield police have released photos of some property damage, but no one seems to have been touched by the parts of the plane that fell from the sky, details Western france.

The FAA launched an investigation to determine the causes of the incident.. This is yet another setback for Boeing, after the two plane crashes in 2019 involving the 737 Max and the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 crash that occurred last January.

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