a 3-year-old boy killed by his neighbors’ dogs

The tragedy occurred a few days ago, in Carteret, in a suburb of New Jersey, toward U.S. Aziz, a child of 3 years, has been killed by two dogs, while I was playing in front of your house, in the company of his mother.

The information was reported by the American newspaper in New York Daily Newsand discovered by our colleagues from 20 minutes. Young Aziz’s parents had decided leave brooklyn, one of the five districts of New York, to offer a better life to its three children.

According to information from New York Daily News, the boy was playing with his mother when two dogs – a pitbull and a mastiff – escaped from a neighboring house. The animals they threw themselves on the boy and his mother. Called on the spot, the cops he shot the dogs, but it was too late for Aziz who, once in the hospital, succumbed to his injuries. the older brother of the victim, 10 years, he saw the tragedy from a window of his house, helpless. “Imagine how it must have been traumatic to see that. His mother who fights for the life of her brother.“, expressed a cousin to the American media.

“My baby! I couldn’t save my baby!”

For his part, victim’s mother, always in a critical condition, is still in shock. The family’s cousin clarified: “He wakes up and screams ‘My baby ! I couldn’t save my baby! It would have been different if he had passed out in his sleep, but I was shattered. She is destroyed, the.”

the owner of two dogs, father of five children and grandfather of five grandchildren, did not want to speak in the press. “Is a traumatic thing, I do not have no idea of what happened “, he simply confided to the New York Daily News. According to the statements of the family of the murdered little boy, the man would not be “I didn’t even come to apologize”.

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