9 statistics to improve your 2021 marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Any social media marketing expert knows that learning or adapting new social media trends and strategies can provide valuable results in the long run. Social media marketers have to adapt to any unexpected event scenarios that include climate, politics, celebrities, events, health, and more.

Last year in 2020, when the world was struck by the coronavirus pandemic, marketers had to deal with the pandemic as well as protests around the world.

The new year has brought us a fresh start and is the best time to revise your marketing strategy. In this blog, we’ve curated 9 social media stats that show how it benefits the broker.

Improve your 2021 marketing strategy

1. Mobilize Social Media Follow brands to update their product / service


People love and follow fun and entertaining social media accounts, but when it comes to brands and companies, people follow them to get an update on new products and services. a plus 57% of consumers pass on select accounts to learn about new products and services.

For example: The Xbox gaming computer system has released an unintended version of “Xbox SOn its Twitter page, which has 14 million users. The action so excited players around the world that it garnered 184,000 likes within 24 hours.

Xbox S

Besides product launches, consumers also expect valuable content updates from the brand. After the Covid pandemic, users are likely to follow the brand to obtain valuable information and regular updates.

2. Good customer service will keep the customer in the long term

As a social media marketer, your goal should not only be to have followers on your account, but also to have them stay with your brand for longer. One of the best ways to deal with this is to have strong social customer service. a plus 49% of social media consumers have brands that have not been followed up on social media Because of poor customer service.

Hence, as a marketer, you must highly value your customers’ questions and never fail to interact with them even if it is a simple query. However, before you go straight to answering their question, take some time to assess how and when your team will handle customer inquiries and support.

Answer simple questions directly and make sure you don’t leave any messages behind with social listening tools. Pointing someone in the right direction goes a long way.

Also, it is important to focus on how quickly you respond. According Sprout Social Report, over 79% From consumers expect a response within 24 hours from brands.

Thanks to the fast response time, you will be able to simplify your business better and also contribute to building customer loyalty. to me Gartner Study users staying with the brand online if their service expectations are met.

3. To find new accounts to like and follow, consumers look at suggestions in their feed

Use notes

Creating a community of followers on social media posts is not easy. You have to compete with a lot of similar brands and constantly make an effort to get users’ attention by brainstorming with content for users.

The first step to gaining more interest from users is learning how to follow the profiles of potential audiences on the Internet. a plus 45% of consumers Depend on the proposal to find new accounts.

It’s much more than just targeting consumers based on their interest, it enables marketers to build and nurture communities built of supporters.

The best thing about using the hashtag is not the ease of use but the fact that one hashtag can be used across multiple platforms. Because of that, you can share your message across a large number of campaigns providing users where they interact with your brand.

The world’s leading brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Zomato and others excel at marketing hashtags and the online social media community with ease.

4. Organic traffic through SEO

Organic traffic

Search engine optimization is a high-impact marketing strategy. Although it is more difficult than the rest of the marketing techniques, it is worth investing your time and effort in the long run.

SEO marketing is an umbrella term that includes several marketing tactics, while integrating and mastering the following aspects that can help achieve long-term goals:

  • Optimizing custom images for your website
  • Content that promotes high scroll rates
  • Insert links into site pages that could interest viewers
  • Posting content that can increase your pass rates

5. Log in to email newsletters

Email newsletters

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy that provides returns that not only help you market your products to new customers as well as retain your old customers. According Cooper Chronicles Over 89% of marketers believe email is the primary and most effective medium for generating leads. Also More than 20.9% of internet users check their email At least five times a day.

With email marketing, you will be able to target potential customers with personalized messages and thus build meaningful relationships with your customer. Email marketing will also help increase response rates for your direct marketing campaigns.

Although there are major benefits to email marketing, make sure not to overuse it because if it is too frequent and irrelevant, it can get people angry and you may end up receiving more non-subscribers.


The future of social media cannot be predicted, so the best thing you can do is implement marketing strategies that provide results from both our experience and our expertise. In addition to monitoring strategies that are beneficial for your competitors in your industry or specialty, follow the strategies listed here.


Enkitt Thakur is SaaS Product Marketing Manager for SEO and Content at The world of software. He is often asked to contribute his expertise to leading publications. Fun fact: He’s been a competitive dancer for 10 years.

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