8bitdo Pro 2 upgrades the retro gaming company’s best console

8bitdo has put out a bunch of consoles over the years, but one of the most stand out is undoubtedly the SN30 Pro +. The console, which has both old and new design effects, has a follow-up called 8bitdo Pro 2. While these two controllers look very similar on the surface, there are several key differences between the two that might make the Pro 2 worth picking up even for SN30 Pro + owners.

For starters, the Pro 2 comes with a couple more. These additions, described as “Pro-level” rear buttons, are located on the back of the console, near where the handles meet the body. They are reminiscent of the paddles on the back of the Xbox Elite console, although of course we see a number of third-party consoles shipping with back buttons these days.

These buttons can be set via 8bitdo’s Ultimate software, which is now available on iOS and Android as well as PC. With Ultimate Software, users can assign every button on the controller, assign macros, change the intensity of vibration, customize joystick sensitivity, and even change trigger ranges. Just like with the SN30 Pro +, users seem to have a lot of customization options, and the Pro 2 allows users to create and save three custom profiles and then change them on the fly with a switch on the console.

Speaking of switches, the Pro 2 comes with a new mode toggle button which is likely a welcome addition for anyone who has tried to run an 8bitdo controller in a specific mode of use. Instead of trying to change usage modes through a button combination, Pro 2 has a physical switch that allows you to switch between Switch, Android, D-input and X-input modes. This is a very nice addition and should reduce the amount of time users spend trying to sync their console.

In addition to these additions, 8bitdo says it has strengthened the grip on the Pro 2 as well, so it looks like we can even expect some subtle design changes. The controller is equipped with a 1000mAh rechargeable battery that should last for about 20 hours on a full charge. As with most 8bitdo wireless controllers, the Pro 2 is compatible with PC, macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and Switch. The console launches next month on Amazon for $ 49.99 USD, And they will arrive along with Special Carrying bag And the Smartphone clip, Which are sold separately.

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