7:30 am news – Great Britain: Uber to grant employee status to its drivers

Overseas, Uber lines up. The platform will grant the status of employees to its British drivers, that is, a minimum wage and paid holidays. In short, the young rampant economy is taking hold. This is true today for 70,000 English Uber drivers but a few days ago it was the Spanish bicycle dealers who obtained the same status as employees.

We feel that the phenomenon will become general and will reach France. Until now, the drivers or delivery men were independent employees who assumed all the economic risks and paid large commissions to the platforms. This position has become difficult to maintain because it has been shown over time that there is a actual dependence on drivers regarding the pricing policy of the platforms. This is called a subordination relationship. And several judicial decisions were going in that direction, so it was time to regularize the situation so that it continued to exist.

Then there is fierce competition between platforms and those who offer guarantees to their drivers manage to retain them. Finally, Uber drivers or bike delivery people ended up symbolizing a form of slavery modern And this image is increasingly difficult to maintain for global groups that need the support of their customers, especially since the world before, taxis, clearly have improved their services while the quality of service tended to decline.

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