6pm News – Suez Canal: Blockade Could Last Weeks

All world shipping is disrupted. For almost two days, the Suez Canal has been blocked by a 400 meter long container ship, which got in the way. However, it is through this route that everything that comes from Asia passes.

At the moment, the barges are in the process of dig around the boat And on the banks of the bulldozers trying to clear the bow of the sedimented ship, the always given. But compared to giant of 220,000 tons and 60 meters high, it’s ridiculous. It’s like trying to remove sand from a car with a toothpick. At the moment it is not working. At the same time, the tugs try to put it back in the direction of the channel, but they are not powerful enough.

A Dutch company specialized in this type of operation arrived at the site today to speed up the maneuver. But according to the CEO can take weeks to clear the container. Maybe even unload the 20,000 containers to lighten it up and get it afloat again.

The owner of the freighter has apologized to the other ships for the blockade. At the moment, about 200 ships await his passage. This is just the beginning because the channel represents 10% of world trade with more than 50 huge ships every day. There is another option, tour Africa. We continue talking about 10,000 kilometers and ten days of navigation.

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