6pm News – Iran: What We Know About Al-Qaeda Number Two Death

A spectacular operation. Saturday, November 14 New York Times revealed the end result of the murder of Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, al-Qaeda number 2. The newspaper claims the man was killed on a Tehran street last August by an Israeli commando team.

While the Iranian authorities had passed the individual off as a 58-year-old Lebanese history professor, the New York newspaper claims he was an executive of the terrorist group. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah was shot dead at the request of the US secret services on August 7. This is the anniversary date of the 1998 bombings on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, of which he was the organizer.

Therefore, the operation is the result of collaboration between the United States and Israel. A “totally plausible” scenario, according to Amélie Ferey. For the researcher at the Sciences Po International Research Center (CERI), “the operational mode of sending a command to assassinate a previously identified target is quite frequent.” This process would aim to demonstrate that “The enemies of Israel and the enemies of the United States are vulnerable everywhere.. “

Iran, for its part, denied the facts and invoked information fabricated by Tehran’s enemies.

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