6:00 pm news – Algeria: two years after Hirak, protesters on the street

Two years after the Hirak, a massive protest movement in Algeria that overthrew President Bouteflika, new events they are organized in the streets of the main Algerian cities. A year has passed since pandemic had silenced the protesters, but many returned.

Despite the coronavirus and the rain, thousands of protesters took to the streets in the streets of Algiers, but also in Oran, Béjaîa, Constantine and Sétif. The police tried to block the roads, sometimes carrying out muscle arrests, but that did not stop the protesters from asking for the exit from the regime.

For them, as for Abdelouahab Fersaoui, president of the Youth Action Rally, the protest movement cannot stop there: “Personally, I do not see concrete measures of appeasement. We have on the one hand a determined people in their march towards freedom and democracy, and on the other hand the power that continues with its stubbornness and its policy of fait accompli “.

However, President Tebboune has pardoned a few dozen jailed opponents and promised legislative elections in the coming months. Mais Abdelouahab Fersaoui, qui a fait lui-même sept mois de prison, n’y croit pas: “l’Algérie a connu des dizaines d’élections depuis 1989 à ce jour, sans qu’il n’y ait de changement. C ‘was elections tainted with fraud. The media was blocked in addition to the repression. “

The tension is such that, according to Amnesty International, some protesters have even been tortured in prison in recent months.

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