60% of Japanese companies support the Olympic Games this summer

A poll of 100 companies on Thursday showed that nearly 60% of Japanese companies say the Tokyo Olympics should be held this summer, in contrast to polls that showed strong opposition to the games among the general public over concerns about Covid-19.

The survey, conducted by NHK, shows that 48 companies say the games should be held on a smaller scale, while 13 companies want to move forward close to the original plans.

The companies said holding the Olympics would help the economy recover, and it would be good for the athletes’ careers even if there were no spectators in person, NHK reported.

Only three companies said the games should be canceled, and 36 companies did not give an answer, citing reasons such as the Covid-19 situation must be carefully monitored.

Recent polls have shown that around 80% of people in Japan want to cancel or postpone the Games again due to concerns that an influx of athletes will worsen the epidemic.

Although a large part of Japan is under a state of emergency due to the sharp increase in Covid-19 infections, the organizers and the government have pledged to go ahead with preparations for the games, which are set to run from July 23 to August 8.

NHK did not say whether any of the companies surveyed were the Olympic sponsors.

Tokyo 2020 organizers said last month that all 68 of the local sponsors had agreed in principle to extend their contracts for the games, which were due to be held in 2020 but have been postponed for a year due to the pandemic.

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