6 pm news – United States: Trump supporters who believe in his revenge

Former US President Will Celebrate his first speech since Joe Biden’s inauguration this Sunday night in Orlando in front of a conquered audience. Therefore, you will lay some groundwork with a view toa possible candidacy in 2024, on the occasion of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an ultra-republican conference, which was attended by many supporters to support it.

In a Sunday suit, well dressed, Five friends impatient at Donald Trump’s speech. Between 18 and 19 years old, they met on the Internet and come from all over the country: from Texas, but also from North Carolina and Florida.

What are they waiting for? A revenge speech, because These young activists have a hard tooth against anti-Trump Republicans. This is the case of Ricky: “I will never vote for politicians who do not put the United States, God and my community first.”

Trump “is perfect for America”

For them, Donald Trump has been a great president and can be again. To explain your attachment, sometimes they have stranger arguments. “He’s funny, he has good jokes, but most of all he’s a good president – he’s perfect for America,” explains a fervent activist.

In this group of five, only one person wears the mask. The others then ask him to take it off. Why ? Answer : because it is not true, these stories, and it’s no use. Before entering, the hotel management will ask you to put the protection back on.

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