6 am news – Investigator insulted: “China is trying to intimidate,” says Antoine Blondaz

After a series of landslides, the Chinese ambassador to France has an appointment at the Quai d’Orsay on Tuesday, March 23. At the origin of this skirmish, the release of a French researcher, Antoine Blondaz, renowned expert on China and professor at Science Po, who denounced in a tweet the Chinese pressure on French parliamentarians who want to go to Taiwan.

Treaty of “small strike” and compared to a “crazy hyena” by the Chinese ambassador, Antoine Blondaz is only half astonished by the diplomat’s reaction : “Clearly what worries the Chinese Embassy, ​​and we see it in some of their arguments, is the fact that we can talk about China and criticize certain public policies. His goal is to better tell the story of China and make China’s voice heard better. “

According to the researcher, “China wants to be able to control communication about China and influence the debate, even abroad, by trying to to enforce your language elements, is deter and intimidate some researchers, but also some journalists and some elected officials on Chinese issues. “

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